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Would You Buy a Home on the Internet?

Would You Buy a Home on the Internet?

Yes or No!  Maybe….only if….

This is a true story

Two years ago we had a buyer from California contact us from one of our listings on REALTOR.com. She was the single mother in her late twenties, with  a precious 2 year old. She was going to relocate and start the new life in Plano. She was looking for around 225K to 250K, she had money from the divorce settlement.

She wanted Plano because of the excellent schools and proximity to Dallas.We did some qualifying and asked her when she would be coming to look? Did not get a straight answer out of that one. Our listing was in zip code 75023, which is in central Plano.

The next day she contacted us again and said she was also looking  for a pool and a friend told here she had to live in zip code 75024.  She was always in such a hurry to get answers and that was the zip code she had to have.  Most people want to explore different areas if they are not from here so they make the best decision.

The third day she called back in a whirlwind, saying that she found  a home on the internet, in 75024, one of the zip codes, with a pool and had already placed a contract on it.

Whew! that was fast – I looked up the house which was on a corner  of a busy street, had a pool without a pool fence and was priced too high.
She did not use a REALTOR® and knew she had to buy it before someone else beat her out! I am sure the listing agent that acted  in dual agency was pleased, no representation for this young lady.

I often think about her and if she put a pool fence up for  2 year old, and if she regrets not looking at a market she knew nothing about, relying on a friends information and buying site unseen and thinking that this market was like California!

It’s not and never has been, the internet is a great place to start the process, but you still need to physically visit and shop a market and find a trusted adviser to show you the town, you aren’t buying a candy bar, homes  are often shown to be what they are not!  Heads up!

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