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There is a new world out there, (or should I say here) on marketing your home on the Internet.  If you are a buyer or seller you are doing searches from all over the web.  The search tools kind of seem all the same and properties are hard to stand out.  You get little photos of houses all in uniform rows with little agent head shots like you find in print media. How do you stand out?

There are many new services on the web 2.0 that help Realtors who sell homes to make an impact on the intern.  These new start ups are wonderful and best of all they are free to use if you are technology savvy.  That is good for you!  The web 2.0 of intern is happening quickly and you are probably a part of it and don’t know it. Basically, it is the socialization of finding kindred spirits online and not having a static website.  A few of the sites we use to market your home are above.

When listing your home your agent should have an interactive website, such as a blog, and constantly changing content, that is what drives traffic to our site and puts us on the first page of Goggle on many searches, with key words, plano homes or plano real estate.  We get about 100-200 targeted visitors everyday to some page on our site and many are turning into clients.

But back to listing your home and the new school marketing that is happening on the Internet.  Much of the old school marketing – for example: A Realtor will use your listing to market themselves as listers.  Does that really sell your home and make a unique presence as a stand alone property? No, it doesn’t,  but I will tell you it gets leads for the broker and Realtor.

New School technology allows your listing to be showcased by itself to the world, quitely and beautifully!  Besides a beautiful and well written presentation on the MLS with all pertinent information uploaded for everyone’s convenience.  Your home will be showcased on these tools and sites:

  • We build you own custom website for every home we list.  We takes hundreds of high quality photos.
  • We use multimedia, videos, slideshows, vflyer , wellcomemat and whatever new tools are out there.
  • Realtor.com
  • Craigslist
  • Ebay
  • Google Base
  • Trulia, Trulia Voices
  • Zillow and more….

We also use traditional means of marketing, but are finding that PlanoHomesAndLand can sell your home on the Internet!  It’s a new world out there and your Realtor needs to get it and if they say the intern doesn’t work, than they don’t get it!

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Passionate about real estate, positive problem solver, specialty boutique real estate brokerage that does things your way! A full-time Broker & REALTOR®, helping people buy and sell homes in the Dallas - Plano area. Whether you're a buyer just starting out or someone with luxury properties to sell. I have extensive knowledge and experience to help you with your real estate transaction. I am a native Dallasite. Have questions? Ask me. You can find me on Google+ and Pinterest.

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