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What’s old in zip code 75093 and moving?

Mercedes Benz of Plano gets a new address in zip code 75024

And the key operating word phrase here is OLD zip code 75093 becomes NEW at Zip Code 75024 in Plano.

Besides a bunch of the SILVER TSUNAMI crowd …. aka BABY BOOMER’s ….. it’s Mercedes-Benz of Plano and Ewing Buick GMC which are both owned by Ewing Auto Group Fin Ewing III President/CEO and the ever day business operation of both dealerships is headed by Ron Blaylock General Manager.

The two mentioned dealerships sit next to each other on Plano Parkway  at 4464 Plano Pkwy but  totally new dealerships (under the same business names as noted in the first paragraph) look like their close to getting a CO from the City of Plano in the next month or so.  At that point both dealerships at 4464 Plano Parkway Plano 75093 will move to the new locations on the west side Dallas Parkway of the DNT located between Windhaven Dr and Spring Creek Parkway just south of 6785 Dallas Parkway home of one of the major luxury  auto dealerships Park Place Lexus of Plano in the immediate area.

These two dealerships will sit on 31 acres on the west side of Dallas Parkway between Windhaven and Spring Creek Parkway.  And unto themselves will be like a small city with the Buick store having a 119,000 square foot building with a state-of-the-art body shop featuring 47 inground stalls, a customer lounge and work areas, full service coffee bar and children’s play area.  While the Mercedes-Benz store will be a 155,000 square foot building with 1,200 parking spaces, a customer lounge/work areas, cafe’ seating, children’s play area, full service coffee bar and a high capacity service area with 100 bays.

As a side bar Park Place Lexus Plano is billed as the largest Lexus dealership in the U.S. at 170,000 square foot facility and stands as a testament to the North Texas area’s growing prominence as a luxury car market.  Schnitzer through his Park Place Dealership subsidiary also owns Bentley, Jaguar, Lotus, Maserati, McLaren, Infiniti, Volvo and Rolls-Royce dealerships.  Makes one wonder ……with ownership of about every  luxury  marquee car out there…..what’s Mr Schnitzner’s personal ride of choice?  Maybe he chooses to be incognito  wherever he arrives and comes in the backdoor so he remains PC and doesn’t publicly endorse any car maker in particular.  So I’m going to put myself in Mr Schnitzer’s shoes and say I would blantaly personally drive a Bentley EXP 10 Speed 6 Concept  when it comes to market but until then my daily ride would be the BENTLEY Continental GT Speed convertible.

Ken Schnitzer, founder and CEO of Park Place Dealerships was quoted a saying when Park Place Lexus Plano opened “We think this is the right size for this sort of dealership in Dallas, TX”  LEXUS  is the luxury arm of Toyota Motors America and even though LEXUS declines to discuss it many in the industry say D-FW is the automakers best market in the U.S.


  • Luxury Cars and North Texas make good partners
  • Within a FIVE MILE radius of Dallas Pkwy between Spring Creek Pkwy & Windhaven Drive in Plano there’s virtually every conceivable high end car one could buy or lease if your ‘wallet’ would allow same.
  • I didn’t mention Classic BMW or Audi Plano and let’s not forget David McDavid Lincoln and also the exotic luxury dealer Boardwalk MaseratiBoardwalk Ferrari, lastly David McDavid Acura,  Park Place Jaguar  and throw in Frisco Land Rover for good measure on the luxury side.
  • SIDE BAR: You notice Park Place Jaguar mentioned above and I wondered why Mr Schnitzer wouldn’t move this luxury marquee dealership of his to be in the PLANO HOOD of  luxury marquees near his Park Place Lexus Plano locale …… a little birdy told me Park Place Jaguar is being moved to the GRAPEVINE consortium of luxury marquees along with a new LAND ROVER dealership that has been awarded Park Place Dealerships.  Makes sense since both Jaguar and Land Rover are owned by TATA MOTORS out of India.
  • PERSONAL OPINION: Don’t really agree that Park Place Jaguar isn’t going to be in the PLANO LUXURY HOOD GROUP …..but understand Tata Motors wanting the Grapevine set up with Park Place as there’s the long time Land Rover dealership in Frisco just five miles up Preston Road from the Park Place Lexus Plano store.

BOTTOM LINE: There’s a lot of moving parts, so to speak, when it comes to LUXURY MARQUEE cars that can be found within a five mile radius of DNT between Windhaven and Spring Creek Parkway in the 75024 zip code of Plano.  Or if you stop and think about it …..if you can’t find it here you probably have way to much monies to spend on a luxury car.

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