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So what’s up with the $15,000 tax credit?

Something is Better than NothingWhile the lavish stimulus bill was passed on Friday evening. The $15,000 tax credit was a little too bold for the bail out, here's what you can look forward to as a buyer:Loan limits will be raised to $727,000 in high … [Read more...]

Timely information about Texas homestead exemption

If you bought a home last year, it's time to file your homestead exemption Did you know the Texas Homestead Exemption provides legal protection regarding your home?  It can also save you money on your property tax bill. A homestead exemption reduces … [Read more...]

Welcome to Plano Homes and Land Real Estate Office

Real Estate Realities: The Virtual Officephoto by: SarahleeabThis is our real estate office, it lives inside my computer and I like it that way.  It's open 24/7 to anyone that has a computer and is online. You can access a lot of great information … [Read more...]

Don’t Ever Forget…

When life as you knew it changed, always remember the sacrifice … [Read more...]

What does Zillow mean?

What's in a name?Typically in real estate you always have a house or land or home or something else to know it's real estate. So, it's interesting how the name Zillow came about. Since it's a made up word. As Realtors, we get tons of publications … [Read more...]

What’s the Option?

Active-Option Status When you put your home on the market it's enough just to get ready to show and price it right. That's a HUGE project... Right? So, what happens when you get a contract and all this real estate legal jargon is thrown around but … [Read more...]

Median Price for 75093 – Year – to Date

Plano Real Estate Home Prices for 75093In case you're wondering how home prices in 75093 have been affected by the real estate market, here's a chart from our friends at Altos research.This chart gives a birds eye view of the top quartile of home … [Read more...]

Happy Father’s Day from Hawaii

Happy Father's Day! "The only surfing I did in my younger years was surfing between woman" Classic Dad - the one in yellow... This photo was taken 7 years ago on my parents 50th wedding anniversary.  Jerold and I took them to the North Shore … [Read more...]

City of Plano becomes a Non-Smoking Community

No, If, Ands, or Butts about it! Another reason to live in Plano.   Effective June 1, 2007, Plano has joined other city, county and state smoking bans prevalent in workplaces, restaurants and some bars by becoming smoke-free. The Marriott … [Read more...]