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Live Listings – What’s the most accurate site?

Live Listings - Is this home still available?That is probably one of the most asked questions we get on this site.  There certainly is no shortage of real estate listings on many sites that include all kinds of rich geeky data to help with your home … [Read more...]

Willow Bend Real Estate Results: June 2009

Willow Bend Real Estate There are 87 active properties on the MLS.  Activity is still slow but starting to see signs of life.  There are 5 pending properties (waiting to close) there was only 1 last month.  And 7 properties closed in June, 6 … [Read more...]

Plano Real Estate Market Update for June 2009

Plano Real Estate Market Update - June 2009 There are currently 1167 active listings in Plano, that's 326 less than last month. Highest price listing is $5.4 million in Kings Gate: 6416 Old Gate Rd. reduced from $5.75 million, still no … [Read more...]

Crimes in the Neighborhood – Crime Reports

Crime Reports in the neighborhoodI know when you're looking for home - crime statistics usually comes up in the conversation. Here's a new site that reports community crimes in real time. The Plano police department is hooked in and you get a … [Read more...]

Should Texas Home Sale Prices be Disclosed?

The Skinny on Texas Home Sale Prices I've had this poll on the left side bar for a month now, go ahead and vote and see the results. 80% of 118 votes, so far... say YES! Home Sale Prices should be public information. Steve Brown wrote a juicy … [Read more...]

Newest Fountain in West Plano

Normandy Estates Fountain You can always use another fountain. Especially when it's pushing 100 plus again today.  This is Normandy Estates newest jewel to the development.  The fountain and lake view will command more dollar per lot, of course, … [Read more...]

Willow Bend Real Estate Market Update: May 2009 so far…

Willow Bend insight to current market conditions... It's no secret that the upper market has been hurt by the economy and especially jumbo loans have basically dried up for the consumer.  Although we are seeing signs of life there.  As of May … [Read more...]

Plan-o or Plain-o

Plain-o Plan-o I get a laugh when my GPS gives me directions in Plano, she says Plan-o.  Sounds better, doesn't it? Like there is a plan rather than Plain-o.  I spoke with a new client last week and she pronounced it Plan-o too. But she asked … [Read more...]

Could this be good news?

Plano Price in 75093 As you can see from this chart median price has increased the last two years in 75093. This is the hardest thing to explain to relocation clients that don't know the value of the area. The prices are holding and will … [Read more...]

Spring has Sprung!

Spring Break in Planophoto by: SKWomackThe weather doesn't feel like it yet but we're getting close to the big warm up.  And we did need the rain desperately.  The middle of March typically means we're almost out of the winter doldrums.  In the … [Read more...]