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Deal Alert: Avignon Windhaven Short Sale Back on Market

Avignon Luxury Home Under Contract Twice - I bet 3rd Times the Charm!Here's a beauty that's an excellent value!This just came back on market this morning.  Something about short sales, they take a long time.  Who knows what happened, most of the time … [Read more...]

Low Ball Offers and Pretend Pricing

Low Ball Offers & Pretend Pricing Buyers are going low, way way low.  When writing offers these days even if a property is priced fairly or below market, buyers want it lower, much lower. Some sellers are willing to consider others not so … [Read more...]

A Short Sale Tale – This You Want to Read

A Short Sale StoryAre you interested in foreclosures and short sales? Right?Think you're going to make a steal? Well maybe...This is a true story that happened last week- a short sale that's listed in a great neighborhood in West Plano - 75025.A … [Read more...]

Short Sided Short Sale

Short Sided Short Sale or should it be short sighted?Additional HurdlesLast week we made several offers on homes -  one a short sale and one a foreclosure.  That seems to be the way of the market now and believe me there are some great values in … [Read more...]

Short Explanation of a Short Sale

Short SaleSome terms like "short sale" are done every day by the real estate industry.Certain market conditions bring other ways to sell property for the struggling homeowner.This is in simple terms what a short sale of a real estate property does:If … [Read more...]