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The Commission Get – Who gets what?

The Commission Get - Who gets what?This could be a loaded question.  Do you know the answer? To be honest, nobody knows who gets what until the whole deal has been negotiated and closed.Even then you will probably will not know total commission … [Read more...]

For Sale by Owner – Should you try?

5 Reasons why not to sell on your own When you want (or need) to sell your home, will you consider selling it yourself?  The first thing you save would be the Realtor commission? Right. Homeowners with a background in sales might think it is easy to … [Read more...]

16 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Contacting a Realtor

16 Questions to Ask Yourself before Contacting a Realtor Are you thinking about moving? Being relocated? Need to be closer to your family? Don't have a clue about the area and need professional local advice? Are you lurking on websites … [Read more...]

Gated Communities in West Plano

Gated Communities in West PlanoYou will not find many gated communities in PlanoWhy?The best answer I have come across with is in the development of Plano the desire for open spaces and friendly community took precedence. The city and police … [Read more...]

What Exactly is the MLS?

What Exactly is the MLS? As this year comes to a close and a new one begins, I think it is always good to go back to the basics. This year has brought much change to the Real Estate community, local as well as national. Technology is trying to … [Read more...]

What is Appraised Value?

What is Appraised Value?Well, it is not an exact science.It is an objective opinion of value so appraisals may differ. There are also different kinds of appraisal for different purposes in Real Estate.  I can't tell you how many times clients will … [Read more...]

6 Tips for Finding the Perfect Neighborhood

Finding the Perfect NeighborhoodWhen you start looking for your next home, location is always the number 1 criteria, and the neighborhood is a huge part of this decision. Most cities and towns provide many communities for us to look at and decisions … [Read more...]

Celebrities Who Live in Plano

Celebrities who Live in Plano or use toWe are native Dallasites and built our custom home in Plano 15 years ago, when there was still vacant land, coyotes and not much traffic.We used to see Deion Sanders jog up and down Park Blvd during his Dallas … [Read more...]