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Live Listings – What’s the most accurate site?

Live Listings - Is this home still available?That is probably one of the most asked questions we get on this site.  There certainly is no shortage of real estate listings on many sites that include all kinds of rich geeky data to help with your home … [Read more...]

Foreclosure Tip for Friday

HOW TO REO - SCHEDULE YOUR CLOSING ON A MONDAY... If you've bought a foreclosure or about to -  you know the banks (Sellers) have special addendum requirements that override the original TREC 1-4 residential contract.  They all differ somewhat … [Read more...]

Going too Low

Know Your Pricing The above photo is one of the many vacant luxury homes on the market. This one is a foreclosure in Frisco. I'm running into more and more buyers that are making their offers so low, that well, they are missing buying the home.  … [Read more...]

West Plano Foreclosure Update

Fast & Furious ForeclosuresThis is a heads up for all you REO buyers out there.  You can't wait to make an offer on any foreclosure in these West Plano Zip Codes - 75093,75024 or 75025.  The race is on for who gets there first.  And it counts.A … [Read more...]

Plan-o or Plain-o

Plain-o Plan-o I get a laugh when my GPS gives me directions in Plano, she says Plan-o.  Sounds better, doesn't it? Like there is a plan rather than Plain-o.  I spoke with a new client last week and she pronounced it Plan-o too. But she asked … [Read more...]

Could this be good news?

Plano Price in 75093 As you can see from this chart median price has increased the last two years in 75093. This is the hardest thing to explain to relocation clients that don't know the value of the area. The prices are holding and will … [Read more...]

Really Check Your Credit for Free! no points deducted…

Really Free Annual Credit Reporting - Check your credit for freeDid you know when your credit is run by any lender that it will cost you points on your credit score.  It's deducts to a lower score. One site has come to my attention that you should … [Read more...]

Friday, Foreclosures and Shops at Legacy

3 Foreclosures at the Shops Everyone is looking for a deal, especially in real estate! I think that goes without saying. There are some great buys all over the metro area. Shops at Legacy is a destination, live, work, play, walk area and you'll … [Read more...]

How to Sell Your Home when it’s not on the market

No yard sign, but plenty of online marketing to virtually SOLD...Yeah! I found my dream home...Ahhh!  That 4 letter word that is nice...SOLD especially to seller's who have their home on the market longer than desired.  This time of year, many … [Read more...]

4 Rules of Fannie Mae Foreclosures

Finding a foreclosure to buy Foreclosures are a tough business and you better know what your doing to actually buy one, that's right...... I think most of us assume that a foreclosure is a great buy. Not so fast, the market has changed and I … [Read more...]