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Lowest Price Square Foot Home in West Plano – Guess…

Friday's Foreclosure Of course, this didn't stay on the market long at $33.49 a sq ft, The asking price? you wonder....An unheard of $100,000 in a 75024 West Plano neighborhood. Severe foundations problems, cash buyers only, no one would lend … [Read more...]

Justed Listed – Then & Now

Just Listed - Then & Now... I received a "Just Listed" postcard yesterday, first in a while...however the property has been listed on and off since 2006, so "Just Listed Again" is more appropriate.  What's interesting though is the price has … [Read more...]

Houselogic – a new site for the consumer – you be the judge

Houselogic is a new website for the consumer. What is this so good? Being a consumer advocate I look for direct sources that benefit the client, see if you agree. What is it? It's a detailed site with knowledge about anything to do with real … [Read more...]

What’s an Active Kick Out Contract?

Contingency Offers - Active Kick Out Flickr photo: by Aqua DaiseyIn today's changing real estate market you'll find much more use of status changes then the standard:activeactive-option (under contract)pending (waiting to close)soldA contingency … [Read more...]

Your MLS Search is About to Improve Drastically

Big Changes Coming October 28 The MLS rarely does updates, in fact,  it's kind of behind but with great sites like Trulia and Zillow that have pushed the envelope as far as what consumers want and demand, they are making progress.  Accurate … [Read more...]

Is the List Price the Right Price?

How do you know if the List price is the Right Price? You know that searching for homes online as well as physically touring homes can be exhausting!  It's a lot of work.  You want to be efficient and save time so most assume that the list price … [Read more...]

If you can’t sell a house, sell the lot! – Normandy Estates

Normandy Estates Lots for sale! These lots came on the MLS around 30 days ago. two lots for sale @$299K each... first listing. Living on the west side of Plano you're familiar with this amazing new development.  You can't see it yet but it's … [Read more...]

Plano Real Estate Update: Aug 2009

Plano Real Estate Update: Aug 2009 Plano sale units were down 16% from last year.  Dallas sales were down 15%.  It's double digits but hey, it's not in the 25% category, so we'll take it.   The market continues to be first time home buyers and … [Read more...]

What are the new Mortgage Disclosure Rules?

What You Need to Know:  New Mortgage Disclosure Rules If you are applying for a mortgage whether it be a home purchase or refi these new rules went into effect the end of July.  There were previous truth in lending laws in place until corrupt … [Read more...]

Why Home Sales Price is not Disclosed

Why Home Sales Tax is not Disclosed - Please don't levy a real estate transfer tax... First, let me preface this by saying I've always been a big consumer advocate.  That's one reason we have this site.  Information and transparency should be … [Read more...]