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Life in Plano

Life in Plano What's it like? Well, besides the kind of plain name, I would say you can live an absolutely outrageous lifestyle here.  As little as three years ago I would have called Plano a suburb, 20 miles north of Dallas, now I would call it … [Read more...]

Get to know the Neighborhoods of West Plano

Get to know the Neighborhoods of West Plano North South Find all homes for sale in neighborhoods of West Plano here... I am going to do a series on all West Plano neighborhoods with lots of info and inside scoop so you can keep posted on … [Read more...]

The Heart of West Plano, TX 75093 – A Guided Tour

The Heart of West Plano What a name... Plano, TX. I seriously had to think about if I wanted to live here 15 years ago because of the name Plain-O! It's kind of like when you look for a home, clients always note the street  name to see if it works … [Read more...]