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Nebraska Furniture Mart will have positive impact on Plano home sales

Opening Spring 2015 - Nebraska Furniture Mart "Sell Cheap and Tell the Truth" When Warren Buffett and his Berkshire Hathaway investment division are the kingpins behind a development you know something big is probably brewing. And this is a … [Read more...]

Golf Course Living

Golf Course views in West Plano West Plano has its fair share of golf courses. Views of the golf course are always at a premium.  This shot is from the Greens of Gleneagles which is an exclusive gated community.  It's located in the heart of … [Read more...]

When you List with Plano Homes and Land

Your Home On the Internet.. There is a new world out there, (or should I say here) on marketing your home on the Internet.  If you are a buyer or seller you are doing searches from all over the web.  The search tools kind of seem all the same … [Read more...]

What do Homes in West Plano Look Like?

What do Homes in West Plano look like? If you want a good overall picture of what homes look like in West Plano, typically 75093 & 75024. West Plano Active Listings will show you all available architecture. Price points are 275K to 5.5M. … [Read more...]