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Top 3 Areas Buyers Focus on…

BUYERS TOP 3 AREAS: Kitchen, Master Suite and Garage? When you go into dozens of homes a week, buyers begin to understand value of a particular area more than the seller because buyers are the ones shopping. Buyers love a great kitchen and master … [Read more...]

How to Sell Your Home when it’s not on the market

No yard sign, but plenty of online marketing to virtually SOLD...Yeah! I found my dream home...Ahhh!  That 4 letter word that is nice...SOLD especially to seller's who have their home on the market longer than desired.  This time of year, many … [Read more...]

To Sell or Not to Sell….

Might just be time With interest rates dropping a 1/2 point last week - buyers are seriously contemplating jumping back in the market.  If you look on the right side bar under Texas rates you can see a 30 year fixed at 4.93%, (it fluctuates with … [Read more...]

21 Tips For Home Selling Success

21 Tips to get you movedIf your homes has been on the market for a while or just listed, these tips could help make an offer come sooner rather than later. Understanding both buyers and sellers wants and needs is crucial to get to the closing table, … [Read more...]