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8 U.S. Cities Where Home Values Have Appreciated Over 20%

Cities where home values have appreciated over 20% since the housing bottom From where we came This is an interesting graphic and shows where we've come from since 2008. Dallas metro area had nothing like this.  Our hit was more like 8 to … [Read more...]

Dallas Real Estate Market – Inventory by Price

Dallas Housing Inventory by Price I like it when this set of real estate data comes out later in the month for the previous month,  it gives a more accurate picture of the market because more sales numbers have been entered into the MLS.  … [Read more...]

Should Texas Home Sale Prices be Disclosed?

The Skinny on Texas Home Sale Prices I've had this poll on the left side bar for a month now, go ahead and vote and see the results. 80% of 118 votes, so far... say YES! Home Sale Prices should be public information. Steve Brown wrote a juicy … [Read more...]

Three things you must know buying a home in this market

Real Estate RealitiesIt's no secret that lending has gotten tighter and stricter the last 6 months. Every lender is different and there is no organizational plan or structure to how money is lent - so be prepared for some due diligence.Here's a three … [Read more...]

Short Sale or Foreclosure – Which One to Buy?

What's the better deal?Foreclosure or Short Sale?There certainly isn't a shortage of short sales or foreclosures (no pun intended).  But when it gets down to crunching the numbers which one is the best buy?Automatically, you think that you're going … [Read more...]

How to Sell Your Home Quickly by Intelligent Pricing

The real estate market has yet to jump start, could it be because of all the negative press?  Yes and also pricing is still not right on some homes. You hear all day long to price your home right - yet, you just can't give up those dollars, ya … [Read more...]

Why Home Appreciation in Plano, TX is low?

Why Home Appreciation in Plano, TX is low? This was a recent conversation on our site that deserves further discussion. Appreciation in Plano is not low, it is normal, around 4% a year.   It depends on where you are coming from and what you expect … [Read more...]

6 Tips for Finding the Perfect Neighborhood

Finding the Perfect NeighborhoodWhen you start looking for your next home, location is always the number 1 criteria, and the neighborhood is a huge part of this decision. Most cities and towns provide many communities for us to look at and decisions … [Read more...]