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How long will it take to sell my home?

Collin County Days on Market For those of you in Collin County wanting to know how long it will take to sell your home the chart above is a good guideline to go by.  You can take a look at last year "days on market" it was 85 days, today through … [Read more...]

It’s that time again…

Time to File Your Homestead ExemptionNow is the time to file if you purchased a home in 2009 and are living in it by Jan. 1st 2010.  There are various real estate exemptions to file for and it must be done by April 30th of the current year to take … [Read more...]

Collin County Real Estate – September Update

Collin County Update Here's a look at Collin County results for September. The most positive thing about this is prices have fallen very little compared to other regions in the country. Still a buyers market, but inventory levels are down … [Read more...]

Plano City Council Raises Property Taxes

Plano City Council Raises Property Taxes in a Small Way PSSST! Small Tax Hike was approved last night... How Much? 1.5 cent, a 3% hike, The new rate will be 48.86 cents per $100 of assessed valuation. See Collin County Observer for the … [Read more...]

Collin County Foreclosure Facts

Collin County Foreclosure Facts A client called yesterday and wanted some foreclosure info to help fight property tax increases, the criteria went something like this: can you do a search for all sold foreclosures in Collin County this year by … [Read more...]

3 Fastest Growing U.S. Counties are in the Dallas Metro Area

Why you need to move to Collin County photo by Farol on Flickr We've made the cut! According to CNN Money, Texas has 5 counties in the top ten.  Houston and San Antonio are the other winners. In the immediate Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex the top … [Read more...]

North Texas Population Growth by County

Collin County Population Movement Take a look at these numbers from the U.S.Census Bureau.  There has been a 84.6% population increase in Collin County the past 10 years! Denton & Rockwall Counties have had big increases as well. These 3 … [Read more...]

Hey Y’all – Come on down to Collin County

Collin County Growth - it gets interestingCollin County is home to 18 cities, if the trend continues during the next 20 years, it will be home to almost 1.5 million people. Who knew!  15 years ago West Plano was just developing and was still a small … [Read more...]