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West Plano Weekly Widget Stats

Keep informed by easy interactive widget stats If you want to keep tabs on the real estate market these stats will keep you "in the know." You might want to bookmark Plano Weekly Widget Stats because the info is real time and updates each week.  … [Read more...]

Crimes in the Neighborhood – Crime Reports

Crime Reports in the neighborhoodI know when you're looking for home - crime statistics usually comes up in the conversation. Here's a new site that reports community crimes in real time. The Plano police department is hooked in and you get a … [Read more...]

Should Texas Home Sale Prices be Disclosed?

The Skinny on Texas Home Sale Prices I've had this poll on the left side bar for a month now, go ahead and vote and see the results. 80% of 118 votes, so far... say YES! Home Sale Prices should be public information. Steve Brown wrote a juicy … [Read more...]

Willow Bend Real Estate Market Update: May 2009 so far…

Willow Bend insight to current market conditions... It's no secret that the upper market has been hurt by the economy and especially jumbo loans have basically dried up for the consumer.  Although we are seeing signs of life there.  As of May … [Read more...]

What You Want – Top 5 Kitchen Features

Kitchen Kitsch Can you guess what the Top 5 kitchen features are? Granite and stainless are pretty much expected but here's a new list from the National Associations of Home Builders: Walk-In Pantry - 86% Kitchen Island - 80% Built-In … [Read more...]

Foreclosure Tip for Friday

HOW TO REO - SCHEDULE YOUR CLOSING ON A MONDAY... If you've bought a foreclosure or about to -  you know the banks (Sellers) have special addendum requirements that override the original TREC 1-4 residential contract.  They all differ somewhat … [Read more...]

Everyone Wants the Same House! Real Estate Update…

Real Estate Realities Well, the second quarter real estate results will be much better then the 1st.  Activity has pick up considerably this month which is evident in homes that are under contract and pending.  That number has doubled.  The bulk … [Read more...]

10 Questions to Ask Your Lender

Tens Questions to Ask Your Lender Reviewing all the financial options available with your lender can become a complicated task.  Just ask anyone who applies for a loan or refi. It can make your eyes cross and your head swim trying to decipher all … [Read more...]

Friday’s and Foreclosures

What you need to know about Foreclosures Well it's Friday and this post is about foreclosures.  I started writing about foreclosures two years ago and then added the searches below.  So now as foreclosures continue to be a big part of the market … [Read more...]

Building a New Home? Get the check list here…

Building A New Home?  "Caveat emptor"....now more then ever... Let the buyer beware! I found this home builders check list for home buyers on the Texas Residential Construction Commission site.  A nice 7 page form with all things you need to go over … [Read more...]