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Parker Lakeside a Signature Master Planned Community in Collin County

Collin County's Largest Master Planned Community - Parker Lakeside With 4.5 miles of Lake Lavon shoreline, just off Parker Road six miles east of Central Expressway in Plano, is Huffines Communities new 1,600 home master-planned community, Parker … [Read more...]

Need to sell a house before buying another? Write a contingency contract

How to use a contingency contract In today's real estate market the inventory is low in certain price segments. One problem sellers are having is if they sell where do they go?  And that's a good question! Most of us can't buy a house before a sale … [Read more...]

Who Says The Housing Market Has Bottomed?

Do you know who this is? Even if the graphic didn't tell you? This is the guy, John Paulson, who called the housing bubble and bet everything he had against it! Needless to say he made billions! This is a guy that is in the trenches and … [Read more...]

Need To Justify Your Listing Price?

Where does your listing stand with others? How to Justify Your List Price... Has your home been on the market for awhile? How does it compare to others? These are important questions to ask because technically you can find the right answer through … [Read more...]

Big Changes in the Residential Listing Agreement to Know Now

Sellers - You Now Have More Control of Your Listing Data If you're getting ready to list your home or thinking about it you need to know this.  Effective March 2, new revisions have been made to the residential listing agreements.  This information … [Read more...]

When is the Best Time to List Your Home

When is the Best Time to List Your Home Obviously, the best time is only when you're ready.  However, it's good to know certain market conditions which change daily to know your chances of actually selling and moving on.  I once had a client tell … [Read more...]

Home Selling 101 – 2 Truths to Know

2 misunderstood facts about real estate... You have to admit there's alot to do and know about selling and buying a home.  The process can be overwhelming if you don't know how to do it or get expert advice.  Once you've been through the process … [Read more...]

How Do My Home Showings Compare to Others? Is there a way to find out?

Showing Activity for 75093 - $250K to 500K - March - May to date... You probably know how many showings you get and feedback from selling agents (buyers). But how do you know if it's good enough? Does your agent give you the big picture.  The chart … [Read more...]

How to Sell Your Home Quicker! it’s called Range Pricing…

What the Heck is Home Range Pricing? You might or might not be surprised that only 50% of the homes on the market actually sell. Maybe because your home isn't priced right for the condition and location or it could be market forces (like the … [Read more...]

Top 3 Areas Buyers Focus on…

BUYERS TOP 3 AREAS: Kitchen, Master Suite and Garage? When you go into dozens of homes a week, buyers begin to understand value of a particular area more than the seller because buyers are the ones shopping. Buyers love a great kitchen and master … [Read more...]