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How was Plano Real Estate in 2014?

Plano Real Estate in 2014: Year to Date Results - Are Plano homes worth the money? Do you think property has increased 10% from last year? According to the chart below the answer is YES to both questions.You can read the chart below and find:sales … [Read more...]

Cocktail Parties and Real Estate

So, What do Cocktail Parties and Real Estate have in Common? Not too much but I bet there will be a few conversations about plans, dreams and what the future holds.No doubt, this time of year you'll be going to many parties and events.This time of … [Read more...]

Plano Home Values and Pricing Trends

Plano Real Estate Market Update As we head into Fall the Plano Real Estate Market has cooled.  The only positive numbers are increased sale prices. Same trend is being reported in most Dallas neighborhoods.But what about Plano home values?Take a look … [Read more...]

Plano Real Estate Update June 2014

What's holding the market back? The Plano Numbers for June 2014 Listings down -11.7% – 530 units in 2013 vs 468 units in 2014 Closed sales flat – 0.2% – 416 units in 2013 vs 415 units in 2014 Listings under contract down -12.1% – 423 units in 2013 vs … [Read more...]

The Seller’s Market is Officially Over!

Watching the Real Estate Market I'm calling it here first. The seller's market just ended.This has been going on for a few weeks and summer is usually a slower time of year. But numbers don't lie. Data is from the Dallas MLS area and is the big … [Read more...]

Plano Real Estate Sales Continues to Slow

Local Plano Real Estate Sales Slow As May comes to a close Plano home sales were down 23% from last year. April was down 25%! You might ask "What is going on?"The oxymoron about real estate is if you're a seller it's great. If you're a buyer, not so … [Read more...]

How to Design an Outdoor Serenity Room

Forget the Koi Pond and use these relaxing Zen ideas to make an outdoor serenity room all your own Introducing: The Outdoor Serenity Room How much do you spend on spa treatments? That's what I thought. How about building your own spa? You know, that … [Read more...]

All Cash Real Estate Sales by State Infographic

Interesting fact: Over 18% of Plano real estate sales have been all cash in 2013Would you pay cash to buy a home if you could?It's a smart move not to pay mortgage interest.  Buying real estate at the right time can be a savvy investment.  And better … [Read more...]

Plano Real Estate Update – Jan. 2014

Local Market Insights and Trends for Plano, TX Spring Season Selling Plano real estate activity is typical for this time of year.  After the holidays many of us haven't decided what to do except to take a breather.  The spring season … [Read more...]

Are Modern Black Entry Doors Good for Resale?

Give a beautiful black door proper accessories, lighting and hardware to welcome home buyers inI have to tell you, I adore modern black entry doors! In real estate you look at many homes day in and out. You begin to notice trends. One trend that's … [Read more...]