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Buying Online

Buying Online is Efficient and Private It's becoming more the norm that people are buying homes online. Here's a note from a seller we just received: Dear Mr. Smith, "Thank you for bringing me a very good buyer. Hope we have the chance … [Read more...]

ATTN: Seller’s Charge Your Broker for the Listing

The Truth about Home Searches and Real Estate Online Got your attention...read on... Let me ask you a question? When you go look for real estate online - where do you go? Might be Realtor.com. Zillow, Trulia, Remax or many other brokers … [Read more...]

Neighborhood Street View of Townhomes – Shops at Legacy

Neighborhood Street Tours If you are not familiar with the Town homes at the Shops at Legacy, here's a street view virtual tour of the first phase town homes at Lundsford and Parkwood. A short walking distance to Bishop where most of the shops and … [Read more...]

Who Visits Here

Who Visits Plano Homes and Land - World Visits This is a world map of the last 100 visitors to Plano Homes and Land. Around 120 or so unique visitors a day land here. As you can see we get visits by Japan, Korea and Belgium on this map as … [Read more...]

Why Initial Searches are Key to Successful Real Estate Online Marketing

How Real Estate Searches Sell Homes Not too many talk about this because I don't think many Real Estate Professionals really take too much time to learn how online marketing works for selling or buying a home. The Internet has changed so … [Read more...]

Paperless in Plano

Cyber Monday Solution for Buying Real Estate This past week we've had the opportunity to work 15 contracts, thank you to our seller's and buyer's for contacting us through this site. Everything has been done electronically … [Read more...]

What Exactly is the MLS?

What Exactly is the MLS? As this year comes to a close and a new one begins, I think it is always good to go back to the basics. This year has brought much change to the Real Estate community, local as well as national. Technology is trying to … [Read more...]