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HUD Sues Facebook for Housing Discrimination on Ad Platform

Have you ever felt targeted searching for a home on Facebook? This could be why... Today, @HUDGov is charging @Facebook for violating the Fair Housing Act by encouraging, enabling, and causing housing discrimination through the company’s … [Read more...]

DFW love fest continues with Cloud firms

DFW Cloud Firms T5DataCenters is building out a new facility for CLOUD COMPUTING on Spring Creek Pkwy (Plano 75024) just east of Parkwood Blvd (Classic BMW) and west of Preston Rd. The head of T5F (T5Facilities) is Mike Casey who is President of T5 … [Read more...]

New Site: DallasHomesCenter

Introducing DallasHomesCenter Just like your home - we're going through a renovation at Plano Homes and Land.  We will have a center hub for Dallas, Plano and Frisco home listings.  The new site is loaded with new features and a very tech savvy … [Read more...]

Home Buying in the Cloud

Me & My iPad - wireless & paperless It's official! PlanoHomesandLand.com is totally in the cloud! This doesn't happen overnight but it takes a while to get it right.  Some apps work & some don't but you know that!  There is nothing I … [Read more...]

Best home search app for iPhone

Realtor.com Home Search App for iPhone This new app is awesome!  By far, the best home search app out there and the most complete inventory of homes to boot. If you're in the market, give it a try. It's lighting fast and from what I … [Read more...]

Houselogic – a new site for the consumer – you be the judge

Houselogic is a new website for the consumer. What is this so good? Being a consumer advocate I look for direct sources that benefit the client, see if you agree. What is it? It's a detailed site with knowledge about anything to do with real … [Read more...]

Your MLS Search is About to Improve Drastically

Big Changes Coming October 28 The MLS rarely does updates, in fact,  it's kind of behind but with great sites like Trulia and Zillow that have pushed the envelope as far as what consumers want and demand, they are making progress.  Accurate … [Read more...]

Live Listings – What’s the most accurate site?

Live Listings - Is this home still available?That is probably one of the most asked questions we get on this site.  There certainly is no shortage of real estate listings on many sites that include all kinds of rich geeky data to help with your home … [Read more...]

How to Sell Your Home when it’s not on the market

No yard sign, but plenty of online marketing to virtually SOLD...Yeah! I found my dream home...Ahhh!  That 4 letter word that is nice...SOLD especially to seller's who have their home on the market longer than desired.  This time of year, many … [Read more...]

What’s Your Walk Score?

Forget about the car and just walk With gas prices here to stay wouldn't it be nice not to have to drive! So here's a new tech tool that rates how walkable your neighborhood is. Dallas is a lot like LA, it's very spread out, so NO car is really … [Read more...]