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Need to sell a house before buying another? Write a contingency contract

How to use a contingency contract In today's real estate market the inventory is low in certain price segments. One problem sellers are having is if they sell where do they go?  And that's a good question! Most of us can't buy a house before a sale … [Read more...]

Who Says The Housing Market Has Bottomed?

Do you know who this is? Even if the graphic didn't tell you? This is the guy, John Paulson, who called the housing bubble and bet everything he had against it! Needless to say he made billions! This is a guy that is in the trenches and … [Read more...]

3 Areas to Target for the Millionaire Investor

The Art of Investing in Real Estate is a financially rewarding experience So, how does one learn the ins and outs of a DEAL? Well, I will tell you it is not going to these investment seminars that can teach you overnight how to invest … [Read more...]

Real Estate Return on Investment

Where do you put your hard earned money? With so much information available online how do you know what's true?  You can find just about any side of an argument you want but you're the one that tells you what to believe. Right? So, is a real estate … [Read more...]

Real Estate Demand

It's a Sellers Market! This really is just the basics:  Supply & Demand.  If the inventory of available homes for sale is low and demand is high then prices go up.  Now, not anywhere near 2005 prices but much better nonetheless. So what's … [Read more...]

Are Buyers Ready to Buy?

Buyers Feel An Immediate Ugency One thing about real estate data is that it's almost always in the past and really doesn't consider what's happening right now.  Take a look at this chart from Redfin taken last month.  You might be sitting thinking … [Read more...]

What the Banks are Doing Now…Excessive Earnest Money Deposits

What's an Excessive Earnest Money Deposit? Heads Up to All Buyers, Read On....if you're in the real estate market you need to know this especially if you're interested in foreclosures. Excessive Earnest Monies are now being asked by the banks … [Read more...]

What You Need to Know About The 3.8% Tax for 2013

The Skinny on The 3.8% Tax for 2013 Have you heard about the 3.8% real estate and other investments tax that was tacked on to the healthcare reform bill at the last minute?  If not you can get a fast update from the National Association of Realtors … [Read more...]

Can Lenders Charge You an Application Fee to Apply for a Loan?

Real Estate Loan Alert! I'll be the first to tell you that some lenders are in fact, are charging fees to apply for a loan. How Much? $325. to $495. depending what market and bank lender. Do you have to pay it up front? Yes, if you want to do … [Read more...]

Today’s Buyer: What You Need to Do to Compete with Multiple Offers

The real estate market has shifted dramatically in the last couple of months This is due to the reduction of housing inventory across the board.  It's very common to have multiple offers on well priced homes in excellent locations.  You might know … [Read more...]