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Tips You Haven’t Heard About To Lower Your Property Taxes

Tips to Lower Your Property Taxes Have you received your property tax assessment? WOW! I'm hearing big increases, $20,000, $30,000 or 15% to 25% increases! It doesn't take long for the county to raise taxes once a little appreciation has … [Read more...]

Do You File Your Homestead Exemption Every Year?

Filing your Homestead Exemption Do you need to file your homestead exemption every year?  I have been asked this several times lately and figured it would be a good post. The answer is No, just once within a year of when you moved in, that will … [Read more...]

Need to Know Information About Your Property Taxes…

If You Bought a Home this Year -  you need to read this now... Just as many things are changing in the real estate arena daily there is one thing that will affect new home owners who have purchased a home this year. What is it? Glad you … [Read more...]

Fighting Property Taxes

Fighting Property Taxes:  Look at Sales Last 30 Days Do you think your home has increased in value?  Most people I know think - NOT! This time of year is when you run neighborhood comps you might find that even though sales, new listings and … [Read more...]

New 2010 Property Tax Rates for Dallas, Plano, Frisco

New 2010 Property Tax Rates: It's good to know if you live in Plano or Frisco taxes remain relatively the same.  Dallas is a different story, see tax rates below: Plano: 2.1683 Frisco: 2.1813 - Collin County - 2.1289 - Denton County Dallas: … [Read more...]

Protesting Property Taxes

Protest Property Tax Links On May 1, property appraisal notices were mailed out.  You have until June 1st to protest. Below are links to all county appraisal sites. I know Dallas you can do online, just find your record and click protest.  It should … [Read more...]

2010 Notice of Appraised Value – Good Grief!

PROPERTY TAX MAN COMETH.... I got my property tax statement yesterday.  How about you?  I really wasn't surprised being in real estate and all that.  I knew it was going up with the economy the way it is.  But is it fair being that we're in a down … [Read more...]

It’s that time again…

Time to File Your Homestead ExemptionNow is the time to file if you purchased a home in 2009 and are living in it by Jan. 1st 2010.  There are various real estate exemptions to file for and it must be done by April 30th of the current year to take … [Read more...]

Plano City Council Raises Property Taxes

Plano City Council Raises Property Taxes in a Small Way PSSST! Small Tax Hike was approved last night... How Much? 1.5 cent, a 3% hike, The new rate will be 48.86 cents per $100 of assessed valuation. See Collin County Observer for the … [Read more...]

Why Home Sales Price is not Disclosed

Why Home Sales Tax is not Disclosed - Please don't levy a real estate transfer tax... First, let me preface this by saying I've always been a big consumer advocate.  That's one reason we have this site.  Information and transparency should be … [Read more...]