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8 Tips to Live Green in Plano

8 Tips to Live Green in Plano Wednesday is trash pick up in our neighborhood, every other Wednesday the city of Plano collects recycles in a separate large container that sits next to the trash.  Occasionally, if you put the wrong thing in the … [Read more...]

How Can You Help Us with Our House Hunt?

How could you help us with our house hunt? OK,  you're moving.....and you know where and have a timeline.  So,  Who do you get to help you with your real estate purchase and what can they do for you? That is such a basic question and so important … [Read more...]

West Plano New Homes, Condo and Town Home Development

West Plano New Home, Condo and Town Home DevelopmentYou know Everybody Wants New!  Brand New Home!A new home that nobody has ever lived in or messed up.Lately, we have had a lot of interest in new development in West Plano and on search requests.  … [Read more...]

16 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Contacting a Realtor

16 Questions to Ask Yourself before Contacting a Realtor Are you thinking about moving? Being relocated? Need to be closer to your family? Don't have a clue about the area and need professional local advice? Are you lurking on websites … [Read more...]

Gated Communities in West Plano

Gated Communities in West PlanoYou will not find many gated communities in PlanoWhy?The best answer I have come across with is in the development of Plano the desire for open spaces and friendly community took precedence. The city and police … [Read more...]

Pics of Sat. Morning Walk at Arbor Nature Preserve – Plano, TX

Arbor Nature PreserveToday is a beautiful day in West Plano, it has been overcast past fews days, so it's nice to see our familiar blue skies.  This photo is of the prairie grasslands at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve, there will be an explosion of … [Read more...]

Sub Prime Stadium Renamed

Sub Prime Stadium RenamedThere has been so much news on sub prime lenders, foreclosures and short sales lately that it could make your head swim.You know when the Texas Rangers wanted to end their relationship with Ameriquest that everything had come … [Read more...]

Life in Plano

Life in Plano What's it like? Well, besides the kind of plain name, I would say you can live an absolutely outrageous lifestyle here.  As little as three years ago I would have called Plano a suburb, 20 miles north of Dallas, now I would call it … [Read more...]

Get to know the Neighborhoods of West Plano

Get to know the Neighborhoods of West Plano North South Find all homes for sale in neighborhoods of West Plano here... I am going to do a series on all West Plano neighborhoods with lots of info and inside scoop so you can keep posted on … [Read more...]

Plano Zip Code Boundaries Map

West Plano Zip Codes & Plano Zip Code Boundaries Map Plano zip code boundaries map is a great place to start your home search! Major streets are listed so you can figure  drive time and know where to look.  Don't waste time looking in the … [Read more...]