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Progress report on $400M develoment of JCP campus

UPDATE: JCP campus Dirt being scraped and concrete poured @ northwest corner of Legacy Dr and Communications! Things are cranking right along on Dreien Opportunity Partners $400 Million reconfiguration of the JCP campus and offices.  And further … [Read more...]

Highest Priced Foreclosure in 75093

Normandy Estates Foreclosure If your familiar with Normandy Estates in West Plano, you'll know that it's a high end development.  It's had a slow go due to the economy but the development is prestigious and beautiful with it's rolling terrain.  … [Read more...]

Lots of Lots – New Home Opportunites

LOTS ON SALE! Are you looking to build a new home in West Plano? Well, the right opportunities may just well exist for a great buy on a prime lot. From my experience, clients will consider a new home vs a resale. If you deal directly with the … [Read more...]

Foreclosures in Normandy Estates

Are there Foreclosures in Normandy Estates? There have been a few searches on our site for foreclosures in Normandy Estates.  And YES, there are several even though the community hardly has any homes built.  How Many? There are 7 lot foreclosures … [Read more...]

If you can’t sell a house, sell the lot! – Normandy Estates

Normandy Estates Lots for sale! These lots came on the MLS around 30 days ago. two lots for sale @$299K each... first listing. Living on the west side of Plano you're familiar with this amazing new development.  You can't see it yet but it's … [Read more...]

Newest Fountain in West Plano

Normandy Estates Fountain You can always use another fountain. Especially when it's pushing 100 plus again today.  This is Normandy Estates newest jewel to the development.  The fountain and lake view will command more dollar per lot, of course, … [Read more...]

Update on the new luxury development Normandy Estates

New Premier Gated Luxury CommunityWell, if you live in West Plano you have probably noticed activity at the corner of Spring Creek and Midway.  The streets and wall are going up on this tony new sub division by Hawkins Welwood, "Normandy … [Read more...]

Paving the Way

Signs of Life - Normandy EstatesNormandy Estates is a brand new residential development - the land was cleared about a year ago but nothing has really happened except for a few lots are up for sale.  Last week Rodman moved in and the streets are … [Read more...]

New Listings and New Lots for Sale

New Listings and Lots! -  Normandy Estates Normandy Estates is a new sub division just North of Shoal Creek.  Two lots have popped up on the MLS this past week.  The roads aren't in yet, but these primo lots are for sale by Peckham builders. … [Read more...]

New Homes in Plano – Normandy Estates Home Prices

New Homes in Plano Normandy Estates is a new development located at Tennyson and Spring Creek Parkway.  The land has been graded and the streets are about to go in. (you can drive your SUV to get a feel for the development - it's muddy … [Read more...]