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New Age Guard Bull: Texas Longhorn

Texas Longhorn

Booming West Plano 

If you live in West Plano, you know this is a common site. With all the high end development going up, pastures could be a thing of the past.
Sooner than later.  Please say it ain’t so….

Toyota and Fed-X will come home to West Plano and Nebraska Furniture Mart (read more here) will reside in The Colony – West Carrollton.

Just recently announced was Haggard Place, a high rise condo development starting at a cool $800,000 a unit. Located just north of Avignon Windhaven.
And last week the announcement of  Legacy Three, a much anticipated project that will extend the Shops at Legacy concept on what used to be JC Penney land.

More restaurants, apartments, shops, the Renaissance hotel and more luxury high rise condos. My best guess is they’ll be priced $400,000 and up. Priced higher than the original condos.

Legacy West will start with the initial development funds of $400M, to start. Take a look at drawings here.

Corporation relocation is changing everything in West Plano, drastically.

The project will break ground in early 2015 and will be built all at once just like the Shops at Legacy other phases. It will be dense!

Even the Texas Longhorns can’t stop it.

West Plano property owners in the Midway corridor and West Carrollton should see some nice appreciation in years to come. You can bet on it!

A Word About: Texas Longhorns

Texas Longhorn

On Saturday the Texas Longhorns at Beal Bank were lounging in the southwest corner of the pasture.

Look how big this guy is! Magnificent creature!

Bulls weigh between 1000 and 1200 pounds and are considered low maintenance compared to other cattle.

One reason is they can birth without human intervention. Who knew!
Here’s another nugget. Their horns can span 5 feet or more.

I watched this guy try and get up and believe me, it took a few times.
Rocking back and forth five times. You had to cheer him on because of the effort.

Can you imagine getting your foot or toes step on?
No thanks, I’ll stand back…

I hope they get to stay a while longer. The Texas longhorns will really be missed.

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