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Should I Buy Now Or Wait Until Next Year?

Should I Buy Now Or Wait Until Next Year? [INFOGRAPHIC] Tuesday February 23rd, 2016 Infographics, Interest Rates, Pricing Some Highlights: The Cost of Waiting to Buy is defined as the additional funds it would take to buy a home if prices … [Read more...]

What Decade was Cheapest to Buy a Home?

Interesting Infographic: Home Cost by Decade It seems the rate increase forecasts from last year have been wrong. Sure rates went up but are down again. It has to do with the economy, you know how that goes....If you think 5% or 5.5% interest rate is … [Read more...]

Window of opportunity for recent rate movement

Recent Rate Movement is Down - 1/2 pt! Everyone during the 2013 spring buying season saw interest rates start to climb.  I remember sitting in August closings and just knew the lowest rates were long gone! Interest rates are low but you still … [Read more...]

4 Top Mortgage Rate Increases in U.S. History

Most Dramatic Mortgage Rate Increases In today's highly regulated real estate and mortgage markets one thing that still remain low are interest rates.  At around 4.6% for a 30 year fixed is still low, very low.  You might have missed the low but … [Read more...]

Show & Tell – A quick study about mortgage rates

Do you remember when you thought 6% was a good mortgage rate?  Then it went to 4.5% and now it's 3.4%, Remember....This is what's spurring buyer demand right now the cost of a home is cheaper than rent and you can buy more home for the money. Take a … [Read more...]

Is It Time to Refinance?

Time to Re-Fi? Wow, rates are down, way low, so you ask yourself is it time to refinance?  It's all complicated but a good, simple rule of thumb is if you can lower your rate by 1% or more, go for it.  You should be able to get low or no closing … [Read more...]

Can you qualify for an FHA, VA or USAD Loan?

Can you qualify for a Government Loan? If you don't go with a conventional loan can you get a government loan?  There are many changes in compliance guidelines with all lenders. It is best to have a good loan officer to go to when it comes to your … [Read more...]

7 Things Your Mortgage Lender Will Expect You to Know

Seven Things Your Mortgage Lender Will Expect You to Know Planning to apply for a mortgage?  Before you do, there are a few things you should know.  Lenders ask a lot of questions.  The answers you provide will help your lender determine whether you … [Read more...]

Site Review by Lender411

Site Review for Plano Homes & Land Real EstateLike you, I'm always looking for good information on the internet and one that's consumer driven.  Lender411 is a loan portal that let's you compare mortgages and a good place to start the … [Read more...]

How Low Can They Go? Historical Mortgage Rates…

Historical Mortgage RatesThis chart will give you an idea of where rates have been the last few years.  What a ride!  Even though the market has slowed considerably all over the nation - I think you may wonder if rates will go lower?  It's safe to … [Read more...]