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Are Modern Black Entry Doors Good for Resale?

Give a beautiful black door proper accessories, lighting and hardware to welcome home buyers in

I have to tell you, I adore modern black entry doors! In real estate you look at many homes day in and out. You begin to notice trends. One trend that’s been going on for years is painting front doors black. It doesn’t matter what price of home. They are are all over the metro area and a national trend.  Back in the 90’s a stained wood door was popular or you would see an occasional red. There are also a lot of bad builder spec doors waiting to be painted!  You know what I mean.

Black doors compliment many of the brick & stucco homes in Dallas and provide a nice contrast.  However, if selling a home is it inviting to home buyers?

One of the most important and overlooked area is a front porch.  When a potential buyer is waiting to view a home they scrutinize everything about it. It sets the mood. A black door is dark and needs to pop for a positive effect. Look at the photos below for a nicely staged modern black entry door.

Green & Shades of Green

modern black doors

Green it up with natural landscaping! Variations of green work well with black planters & lanterns.  Pink begonias make it sweet.

Modern & Sophisticated in a Traditional Home

Modern Black Entry Door

This is a sidewalk shot so you can see the whole effect.  The home has excellent curb appeal and sets the stage for a happy buyer! Lights are on even in the day.

 Modern Black Door Accessorized for Resale

Note the accessories: black, pale and olive green pottery accents and more plants.  A welcome plaque, entry mat and wreath create a very nice appearance. The Baldwin handset was polished and if there was a kick plat I’m sure that would have been too.  This sets a positive emotional experience for a buyer.  And that’s the goal. 

If you live in Texas you might want to consider what direction a home is facing before deciding a color.  I have a black door myself and you’ll definitely have more maintenance if not protected by the sun. Especially with a west or southern exposure.  A storm door would help if you like them.

Any color will go with black so look what’s around you.  Colors you love, colors in your home & decor.  Bring your inside out!  And that will have a positive effect selling your home.  First impressions count. Big Time!  If you’d like to see other excellent black door examples check out these on pintrest.

So let me ask you: Do you think black doors are good for resale?  Have you had an experience?

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