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Shops at Legacy Dancing Fountains

Happy Friday from Shops at Legacy! I love the dancing fountains. The first proposal was to build them by the tollway. That didn't happen but they did get built. If you make a wish and throw coins in all proceeds go to Childrens Medical Center and … [Read more...]

Arbor Hills After the Rain

Arbor Hills Nature Preserve  We really had fierce thunder storms this weekend!  The rain is awesome and we need a lot more of it.  Below is a pic taken Saturday morning at 7:30 AM at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve before the traffic.  The light is so … [Read more...]

Spring Forward – [Infographic]

 Yes, Please...I'm ready for Spring after this late cold snap. How about you? Here's some real estate trivia about the difference an hour makes. … [Read more...]

Smoke BBQ in Plano Texas

And Now there is Two: Smoke BBQ Just when you didn't think it could get any better in West Plano, It does! This is Chef Tim Byre's creative American menu centered around smoked meats.That is Smoke BBQ...It's has a Dallas location and now in West … [Read more...]

Plug for Noel Crane Yoga

Yoga at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve If you live in West Plano you probably go to Arbor Hills. On a walk this morning I saw this white board for yoga.So, I took a photo to remember and decided to share it with you.(you see I follow directions … [Read more...]

How do you Stop Drunk Drivers Visually?

A Car That Tells You Not to Drive How do you stop drunk drivers visually? When I saw this car I had to look twice. Bet you did too.This is sitting in front of a local bar in The Shops at Legacy.What a brilliant marketing campaign. I assume it's … [Read more...]

Make a Wish: Arbor Hills Nature Preserve!

Biggest Dandelion Ever!   I'm a frequent visitor to Arbor Hills Nature Preserve.  If you live in West Plano, you can't help it. Walking, hiking and biking trails for everyone and our pets.I saw this dandelion early one morning in the meadows south of … [Read more...]

Why Plano was Voted Top 10 Healthiest Cities in America

Plano is: City of Excellence  It's no surprise Plano is one of the Top 10 Healthiest Cities in America chosen by Time Magazine.  I've been a resident for 21 years and Plano just keeps getting better.If you didn't know Plano neighborhoods are built … [Read more...]

New Urbanism: Austin Waters Homes

Austin Waters Homes & Charm Austin Waters Lifestyle - A Private & Quiet Retreat Austin Waters Homes is a new built out community. It's a throwback to smaller neighborhoods. If you're tired of the same old subdivisions take a look at Austin … [Read more...]

New Age Guard Bull: Texas Longhorn

Booming West Plano If you live in West Plano, you know this is a common site. With all the high end development going up, pastures could be a thing of the past. Sooner than later.  Please say it ain't so....Toyota and Fed-X will come home to West … [Read more...]