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Houselogic – a new site for the consumer – you be the judge

Houselogic is a new website for the consumer.

What is this so good?

Being a consumer advocate I look for direct sources that benefit the client, see if you agree.

What is it?


It’s a detailed site with knowledge about anything to do with real estate, how to spend and save money on various real estate projects.  Basically, anything to improve and maintain your home and make the right financial decision.

I bet a lot of you don’t know that Realtor.com is not owned by the NAR.  They sold the name back in 1996, not understanding where the internet was going.   They have no control over the ad content of the site they only make a royalty.

So this is NAR’s attempt to take all their incredible information and build a web site in house for the consumer!  It’s sophisticated and smart – owner smart as they say.

In my opinion and it’s been for the last 5 years, the best real estate technology has not been in the real estate industry but has come from outside, like Zillow, Truila etc. etc. etc.  These add model sites are great, informative and entertaining but the AVM (automatic value model) is not always so accurate when information comes from public data. Especially in Texas where sales price of homes is not disclosed.

Why are they building a site for you?

Well, a couple of things, they want your email address to alert you to legislation that is current in congress. Also, they have invested in Cyberhomes which is a value site like Zillow but could be a bit more accurate using appraisal and MLS data as well as public data, that’s the plan. By the way, they will not share or sell your info to anyone, it’s on the site.

I think this is great that NAR has built such an awesome site for public use, free.  They have so much information to share.  Of course, this will eventually be an ad model site too but they won’t have to share revenues with anyone. Looks like this could be a win-win for everyone.

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