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Hey Y’all – Come on down to Collin County

Collin County Growth – it gets interesting


Collin County is home to 18 cities, if the trend continues during the next 20 years, it will be home to almost 1.5 million people. Who knew!  15 years ago West Plano was just developing and was still a small country town of rolling terrain and new development, now it is a vibrant exurb with family values and is a quick jaunt to downtown.

  • 32,000 New county residents in 2006
  • 88 New residents per day in 2006
  • 102 New residents per day added in 2005
  • 7,850 New residents in McKinney
  • 7,650 New residents in Dallas
  • 50% Undeveloped part of Collin County

The 5 big cities in Collin County and their growth rates are:

  • Frisco 8.80%
  • Allen 7.89%
  • McKinney 7.54%
  • Wylie 7.27%
  • Plano 1.23%

Plano is the first city north of Far North Dallas and so development happened there first and goes North.  Frisco is the next very exciting city to happen and the same people that developed Plano are doing Frisco, interesting side bar is in developing Plano they learned what worked and didn’t and are making Frisco a state of the art community.  Watch for an exemplary school system, new housing developments and world renown shopping and entertainment centers. For those of you that don’t know, the city of McKinney is the government seat of Collin County, that is where you pay property taxes, serve jury duty and pay traffic tickets.  It is also the wealthiest county in Texas.  Lots and lots of land to be developed here and you can still get 1 acre plus lots far north and east of Plano.

A few small cities over 1,000 that have experienced growth this past year are:
Note: These cities are still rural and forming their infrastructure.

  • Anna 16.30%
  • Fairview 21.43% – excellent schools
  • Celina 10.71%
  • Lavon 24.00%
  • Lucas 15.91%
  • Melissa 20.69%
  • Murphy 10.18%
  • Princeton 12.09%
  • Prosper 15.24%

All this is an indication of the migration to Collin County as well as Dallas. Housing is more affordable in Collin County and with excellent schools in place.  It is wise to buy real estate in Collin County because you are going to have greater appreciation yet to come if you buy right and get in now.  If you are considering relocating to the Metroplex, just let us know and we can answer any questions you might have and arrange your tour of the area, whenever you are ready.  You still get big sky country out here with plenty of land and space to roam with all the modern amenities you need and want.  “Come on down…. neighbor you’ll like it here”.

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