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Progress report on $400M develoment of JCP campus

UPDATE: JCP campus Dirt being scraped and concrete poured @ northwest corner of Legacy Dr and Communications! Things are cranking right along on Dreien Opportunity Partners $400 Million reconfiguration of the JCP campus and offices.  And further … [Read more...]

DFW love fest continues with Cloud firms

DFW Cloud Firms T5DataCenters is building out a new facility for CLOUD COMPUTING on Spring Creek Pkwy (Plano 75024) just east of Parkwood Blvd (Classic BMW) and west of Preston Rd. The head of T5F (T5Facilities) is Mike Casey who is President of T5 … [Read more...]

New Urbanism: Austin Waters Homes

Austin Waters Homes & Charm Austin Waters Lifestyle - A Private & Quiet Retreat Austin Waters Homes is a new built out community. It's a throwback to smaller neighborhoods. If you're tired of the same old subdivisions take a look at Austin … [Read more...]

Soon to be West Plano Village has a Trophy Office Complex too

Windhaven Place OneThis was announced a couple days ago, Windhaven Place One will be the first LEED Silver-certified building on Haggard's commercial property.In case you don't know who Haggard Property Group is, they are the original farm owners of … [Read more...]