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FYI ….there’s new homes being built in Plano’s 75075

New Homes in Plano 75075

Legacy West and Shops At Legacy for the last three plus years have been the headline grabbers when it comes to new homes offered in Plano.

For those who might not be familiar with where zip code 75075 is located ….. it starts @ COIT Rd (east side)  and goes to Central Expwy (US 75) and the north/south boundary is PGBT on the south side and Parker  on the north side.

Now that we have the location down……who’s doing what and where?

A 19 acre tract of land on Plano Parkway just east of David McDavid Lincoln up to the intersection of Plano Parkway and Independence a $60M development of 182 single family dwelling town homes is being developed by Abid Abedi.

This will be Mr Abedi’s first real estate development project and Abedi  has contracted with Megatel Homes to build this new Middleton Town Home project which sits across the street from the AT&T Foundry offices on Plano Parkway.

Plano Parkway from Coit to Alma is home to  regional  business campuses of some well known national companies like DELL, Perot Systems,  FedEx, AT& T Foundry as noted plus the DALLAS MORNING NEWS  which has it’s humongous ‘print plant’ at the corner of Coit Rd and Plano Parkway.

One other factor of this location is the proximity of same to City Line in Richardson which is the $1.5B mixed-use development that is home to State Farm’s new regional hub and corporate campus.

Plus Rosewood Property is also in the process of kicking off their $900M Plano mixed use project off of PGBT between Independence and Alma.

Also when doing a drive by of Plano Parkway from Coit Rd to Alma I discovered a new business facility that is due to open Feb 1, 2016.  The business name of this new facility is The Healthcare Resort of Plano who’s tag line is ‘less hospital more hospitality’.

By which I take to mean a REHAB CENTER for those whose hospital stay has been determined their now able to go home but might not be totally ready for living at home on their on yet.

NOTE: I will be doing a separate BLOG on this facility as the subject is certainly one our society and governmental agencies are aware of ……as for the next 17 years 10,000 people a day will turn 60 everyday.  So needless to say we will be seeing more and more MEDICAL REHAB CENTERS in our country.

TAKEAWAY: So within the five mile radius of Coit Rd to Alma Dr and up to Central Expwy/PGBT intersection there’s $960 M in developments by Abid Abedi and Rosewood Property and for fun you can throw in the $1.5B City Line mixed use development which my arithmetic says gives you a total $$$ development total of $2.46 Billion in development $$$.

And let us not forget the GRANDSCAPE (NFM Texas) mixed use development in The Colony and the $5Billion Mile in Frisco. The kicker on my last sentence here ‘let us not forget GRANDSCAPE …..I’ve been tracking this development since 2012 and I don’t ever remember a projected $$$ development amount ever being published or stated by anyone.  But I’d personally punch in a minimum of $5 Billion for same giving us a GRAND TOTAL of $12.46 BILLION!

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