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KDC has expedited the build out of Toyota’s Legacy West headquarters!

Update: Toyota's Legacy West headquarters One can only marvel at how Toyota's Legacy West campus headquarters is being built in record time - during a labor shortage to boot. We've all watched in amazement the last two years as the Legacy West … [Read more...]

DFW love fest continues with Cloud firms

DFW Cloud Firms T5DataCenters is building out a new facility for CLOUD COMPUTING on Spring Creek Pkwy (Plano 75024) just east of Parkwood Blvd (Classic BMW) and west of Preston Rd. The head of T5F (T5Facilities) is Mike Casey who is President of T5 … [Read more...]

When your favorite child deserves its own room!

High End Toys have a room of their own...Luxury Garage Suites Luxury Garage Suites You Own - But in this case the favorite child isn't the two legged favorite we think of. YEA.....some guys have another kind of favorite child and that being the … [Read more...]

How to Save Big Money on Utilities in Your Luxury Home

Save Big Money on Utilities Want to go really Green?  This should do it, if you can afford it. What is this? Well, its a geothermal room and this one is in West Plano, currently being built.  In simple words you're getting energy from the … [Read more...]

Plug for Plano – Live Green Event

Live Green in Plano ExpoPlano started this family event last year and continues the Live Green Expo On April 12th - from 9:01 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. at Plano Centre.It helps us make informed decisions and take action to be more healthy with less impact on … [Read more...]

8 Tips to Live Green in Plano

8 Tips to Live Green in Plano Wednesday is trash pick up in our neighborhood, every other Wednesday the city of Plano collects recycles in a separate large container that sits next to the trash.  Occasionally, if you put the wrong thing in the … [Read more...]