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DFW love fest continues with Cloud firms

DFW Cloud Firms

T5DataCenters is building out a new facility for CLOUD COMPUTING on Spring Creek Pkwy (Plano 75024) just east of Parkwood Blvd (Classic BMW) and west of Preston Rd. The head of T5F (T5Facilities) is Mike Casey who is President of T5 Facilities Management.   T5 is a leading national data center owner and operator.  T5’s  business plan format is to deliver customizable, scalable data centers that provide what T5 terms as “always on” computing environment to power mission critical business applications.

Corporate headquarters are in Atlanta and T5 currently has business-critical data center facilities in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Dallas, Charlotte and Portland with the Plano locale to be their newest datacenter plus new projects recently announced in New York and Colorado.  All of T5’s datacenter projects are purpose-built facilities featuring robust design, redundant and reliable power and telecommunications with 24-hour staff to support mission-critical computing applications.

Overall T5 has four programs for prospective clients which include Critical Facility Management and Operations, Smart Tech & Remote Hands Services, Property and Asset Management and Consulting Services.  Want more information about T5FM they have a seven member team including Mike Casey, President T5 Facilities Management; Jon Lichtenfels, VP Operations;  Steve Holland, VP FM Solutions; Joseph Parrino, SVP Quality Control & Technical Sales; all reporting to Peter S Marin, President & CEO.

And T5DataCenters is not the only ‘new kid’ on the block in this category as Stream Data Centers recently announced their going to develop new Legacy-area data center on 16 acres of land in Legacy Business Park in Plano, which according to the CEO of T5 Data Centers continues to be the location of choice for the discerning corporate user.  STREAM DATA CENTERS  development plans show their going to build a 210,000 square foot data center that will have the ability to withstand 185-MPH winds (better known as a Texas Twister).  Stream Data Centers will provide enterprise users with an attractive wholesale option in one of the area’s fastest growing markets according to Rob Kennedy, co-managing director of Stream Data Centers.

NEWS FLASH 3.16.16:  SKYBOX DATACENTERS, another cloud computing firm, announced today a 150,000 square foot-building that will open in October of this year located at Communications and Tennyson Parkways on the west side of DNT.  Plans for the campus capacity include for an expansion of up to 350,000 square feet and 60 megawatts in one or more facilities. The first phase of the project, Skybox Legacy One, will offer initial power delivery of 25 megawatts, dual-fed from two separate substations.  Power is delivered via dual, underground concrete encased duct banks from two independent and diverse ONCOR substations.  Rob Morris, Managing partner at Skybox Datacenters was quoted as saying ‘Skybox is excited about the possibilities here’.  Dallas-based Skybox is a joint venture between Rugen Street Capital and Bandera Ventures.

Plus two other datacenter firms Equinix and Aligned Data Centers also coming on stream in the near future.   Equinix plans call for a $500M, 25MW (megawatts) data center on a 16 acre site in West Plano.  This site is adjacent to T5 Data Center on the 16 acre site T5 is building on and it is reported that Equinix plans to provide additional fiber connectivity and interconnection services into the existing T5 data center. Aligned Data Centers, which just finished construction of its 300,000 sq ft data center.  The facility is unique in the pay-for-use concept that Aligned is championing, where customers commit to power based on what they use and not on a more general commitment to a certain amount of megawatts for the life of their contract.

And to further support why these five firms  are establishing Data Centers in the heart of West Plano….. you simply need to read this article in DMN by our fine Governor of the State of Texas Greg Abbott ….when he notified Silicon Valley that “Texas is the new TECH MECCA”.

UPDATE: And ‘hot off the press’ 4.22.16 via DBJ is ….the following article ‘In DFW, there’s a raging desire to construct data centers ASAP’.  In GARLAND the initial phase of a $330M, 42-acre data center campus will initially see a 1 million-square-foot, 80-megawatt data center campus being developed by Raging Wire Data Centers based out of Sacramento in partnership with NTT Communications Corp, which is Japan’s largest telecommunications company.

Additionally in the past few years, Carrollton-based CyrusOne Inc. has tripled the size of its of its global data center business, with plans for continued growth.  CEO Gary Wojtaszek was recently quoted “We don’t see the growth in the industry slowing down in the next decade, with everything in your life is connected to the the Internet and that’s an enormous amount of data and that data is exploding”.  And CyrusOne Inc, according to the CEO,  plans to invest $600 Million a year for the next five years or about $3 billion in total.

Overall there are 24 DATA CENTERS in North Texas and listed here are same including  sq ft of total contiguous local space and local megawatt capacity.  And there’s a lot of reasons why big companies (ie Liberty Mutual, JP Morgan Chase, Toyota of North America, FedEx) rely on data centers to run their businesses.  Of interest also is how two high profile social media/tech driven firms are companies fueling high-powered real estate projects in North Texas.

TAKEAWAY:  Not trying to be a comedian but the irony of what is known as THE CLOUD name is somewhat a misnomer insomuch as all CLOUD facilities actually set on dirt in brick and mortar buildings. Dallas-Ft Worth is the No. 2 data center market in the country based on the megawatt absorption in 2015, according to JLL’s  latest Data Center Perspective.

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