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8 U.S. Cities Where Home Values Have Appreciated Over 20%

Cities where home values have appreciated over 20% since the housing bottom

Home Values Soar

From where we came

This is an interesting graphic and shows where we’ve come from since 2008.

Dallas metro area had nothing like this.  Our hit was more like 8 to 10 %. More or less in certain areas and price points.

All eight of these cities are over 20 percent since the bottom hit.

Some people are calling, Vegas, Phoenix, Atlanta, San Diego a new bubble!

Is it?

Not really, they all are up over 20 percent from the bottom but what this shows you is how far still down since the top.

How far are they still from the peak?

Let’s take Las Vegas,  it’s up 20 percent from the bottom—over 20 percent from the bottom — they’re still down over 50 percent since the peak.

Another example is Phoenix, they’re up over 20 percent appreciation, but still with that appreciation still down over 40 percent since the peak.

If the numbers get to 2006 again, then that’s a bubble.  The market is way to regulated to let another bubble happen so soon.

Lets’ face it, it’s been almost 7 years since the meltdown, real estate should be getting better and it is.

Sales are up, inventory is down but gaining ground and people are feeling more confident about moving on with their lives.

We’ve had a run up in rates but it looks like that might stabilize for a few months at least.

Another place to jump in the market if the timing is right for you.

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