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8 Tips to Live Green in Plano

8 Tips to Live Green in Plano

Wednesday is trash pick up in our neighborhood, every other Wednesday the city of Plano collects recycles in a separate large container that sits next to the trash.  Occasionally, if you put the wrong thing in the recycle bin they will leave the item next to the receptacle and tape a note telling you why they did not take it. Then you need to figure out what to do with it…

This past Wednesday there was another kind of note placed on the container of every recycle bin in Plano, a campaign on living green in Plano. So instead of mailing this informative brochure and calendar of events, which probably would have gotten thrown out as junk mail, the city taped letter and brochure on every recycle container in Plano, knowing that it would get the full attention it needed.

Introducing live green in Plano,  is a city campaign realizing that every little thing we do every day has a big impact on the environment.  This brochure provides simple tips and information on how to live a greener life for the environment without making sacrifices.  A few simple suggestions are:

  • Add one new item to your recycling bin that you haven’t recycled before, like junk mail, steel cans or plastic bottles.
  • Shorten you shower by 1 minute. If everyone in Plano did this for one month, it would save 15 million gallons of water. (now, I don’t think you are going to time yourself in the shower but I think if we just go faster is good, also we have been under water restrictions for over a year now and this would help tremendously)
  • Switch to green power (like wind or solar).  You can do this through your current electric provider or one that has renewable plans.
  • Set your automatic sprinkler system to MANUAL.  Water infrequently  and deep, try 30 minutes a zone twice a week, your lawn only needs 1 inch a week.  Did you know in Plano that over 50% of our water use goes to outdoor watering?
  • Use native drought tolerant plants. There are many new grasses that love our hot weather and look lovely in our gently wind.
  • Use compost to improve your soil and reduce your need for watering.  Your yard trimmings are recycled to produce pure Texas compost and mulch products.
  • Set you water heater to 120 degrees F.  You will save about 8% in energy costs by doing this!
  • Maintain your vehicle. Properly inflated tires and a well tuned engine will save gas and prevent excessive emissions.

The People of Plano and its city offer many services that work toward a greener Plano. One service that is available that you might not know about is Plano’s appliance recycling program. So instead of paying Sears or Best Buy a $100. or more to tote off your dead appliance, the city of Plano will pick it up at your curb on a designated day for FREE.  Check out live green in plano for more information and the EXPO 2007 on Saturday May 5 at  the Plano Center.  A day to educate and inform you on how to make a contribution to living green in Plano or any other city in the world.  Another reason why Plano is a great place to live.

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