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6 Tips for Finding the Perfect Neighborhood

Finding the Perfect Neighborhood

6 Tips for finding the perfect neighborhood

When you start looking for your next home, location is always the number 1 criteria, and the neighborhood is a huge part of this decision. Most cities and towns provide many communities for us to look at and decisions are not always easy.

So here are 6 tips for finding the perfect neighborhood for your family before you start the house hunting process.  The Neighborhood you choose will have a huge impact on your lifestyle – including safety, modern conveniences and amenities, schools and your commute time to work and all play their part.

  1. Make a list of all the activities you and your family enjoy, stores you frequent, movies, health club, church, family & friends – see how far you need to travel from each neighborhood and see what is acceptable to you.
  2. The School District is high priority whether you have children or not. Check out the Texas Education Agency and Plano Independent School District. They will provide information on test scores, class size, percentage of students the attend college and special enrichment programs. It is also a good idea to actually visit the schools if your have children before you buy in the neighborhood. Remember, a house in a good school district will be easier to sell in the future.
  3. Investigate to see if the neighborhood is safe. The internet is a good way to start this process. The North Central Texas City of Government site will help. Also, ask the police department for neighborhood crime statistics. Look at the types of crimes, burglaries, armed robberies-trends increasing and decreasing, and whether the crimes are in the neighborhoods or by retail and commercial areas.
  4. Decide if the neighborhood is economically stable. Check with your local city economic development office to see if income and property values are rising, stable or falling. What is the percentage of homes to apartments? Apartments do not diminish value, but it does mean more transient population movement. Are their vacant homes and/or businesses that have been for sale for months?
  5. Will you make money? Ask your local REALTOR® or call Collin County Realtors Association to get info on price appreciation trends in the neighborhood. Although past performance is no guarantee of future results, the information will be helpful, also to look at a 3-5 year history of appreciation by neighborhood. This will alert you to a good – solid investment. A REALTOR or City of Plano can tell you about planned development or changes going on in the area, like new schools or highways that could effect the value.
  6. Go see for yourself.  Once you have narrowed your focus on a couple of neighborhoods, go there and drive and walk around, day & night, talk to people that are out. Are the homes neat and tidy?  Are the streets quite? Are people friendly? Are their children to play with your family?

These are just a few tips to help you get started to find the perfect neighborhood and these suggestions will work for any city or town, I just happened to link to Plano, TX.  Make sure your hook up with a REALTOR® that works and knows the areas you are considering, we can help you with the many nuances of the community to help you make a sound investment.

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