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3 Areas to Target for the Millionaire Investor

The Art of Investing in Real Estate is a financially rewarding experience

So, how does one learn the ins and outs of a DEAL?

Well, I will tell you it is not going to these investment seminars that can teach you overnight how to invest with NO money down. Seems that the past few years has brought everyone out of the woodwork to participate in the riches of real estate investing. OH! and you don’t learn it from watching late night TV either…So,

  • How do these investors do it?
  • How do they get started?
  • What do they concentrate on?

The core of Real Estate investing involves these 3 basic principals:

  • Criteria: What you Buy
  • Terms: How you Buy It
  • Network: Who Helps You

When you deal with a complicated topic like investing in real estate it certainly helps to break things down, here we go…


Criteria describes what you buy, like a single family or multi family ? What is the construction? What are the amenities for resale or to rent? Most important is the location.  These are all the items that can’t be negotiated. Criteria is the foundation of your investment. What are the predictable opportunities of the property.  This is how you select an investment property!


Terms defines how you turn it into a deal.  Once you decide on your criteria and chose a property, the terms determine its value to you now and in the future.  These are the negotiable elements of the purchase, price, down payment, loan terms, interest rates, conveyances, occupancy and closing costs. A skillful negotiation of terms can lead to a better equity position, more cash flow and maybe both.  A millionaire real estate investor makes their money going into the deal not going out!  Terms are about understanding the financial fundamentals of the deal.


Network are all the people that help you succeed in your deal (s).  This would be Realtors, Lenders, brokers, banks, lawyers, property management firms, just to name a few. This is your dream team and leverage to make the deals happen the way they need to.  You can accomplish more with qualified help then by yourself. This a network of qualified people that will get the job done, no matter what! This is your support.

Criteria, Terms and Network – if you master these, they will give you the greatest chance of success in becoming a Millionaire Real Estate Investor.  Whether this is your first investment or you are a seasoned investor, we have all the tools and experience in place to make your deal a sound investment that you can take all the way to the bank. Is Real Estate Investing Right for You? Contact us if you think it is.

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Passionate about real estate, positive problem solver, specialty boutique real estate brokerage that does things your way! A full-time Broker & REALTOR®, helping people buy and sell homes in the Dallas - Plano area. Whether you're a buyer just starting out or someone with luxury properties to sell. I have extensive knowledge and experience to help you with your real estate transaction. I am a native Dallasite. Have questions? Ask me. You can find me on Google+ and Pinterest.

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